Notice on COVID-19
Writer : ICAPC Date written : 2020-03-16  Hits : 143  

Dear prospective participants,

Hello? This is the administrative director of ICAPC 2020 International Committee. 

The committee has been taking time contemplating on the issue of COVID-19 to make the safest policies for all participants. 

At this moment, we concluded that it would be best to extend the deadline of proposal up until 15th of May from the current deadline of 30th of March. 

The proposal would be proceeded by our reviewers within 2-3 weeks and the result would be informed directly after that. 

Plus, we would like to update any necessary notices through our homepage. 

Thanks again for your interest in our ICAPC 2020, and we will try our best to promptly deal with the issue. 


Susie An